Permitted Development

In 2008 there was a huge change in the planning process for residential extensions and alterations. The rules governing the size of any additions you can make to your property were relaxed meaning you can generate additional space much more easily.

The Facts

  • Permitted Development Rights are NOT SUBJECTIVE.
  • You either have them or you don’t.
  • They depend on the kind of property you have
  • Neighbours do not have the right to object
  • Planners cannot influence your ideas
If you decide to engage us, we can assess your permitted development rights. This is based on the type of property you have, the type of area you live in and the history of the property.
Establishing that your intentions do not require full planning permission obviously saves you (and us!) a lot of time, cost and hassle. The change in the regulations was designed to clear out all the small residential planning applications from the planning authorities' systems. So most of the projects we work on are under PD.
As mentioned, the PD rights really depend on a number of things. Such as if your property is in Greenbelt, An area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or if for some reason, PD rights have been retracted during a previous planning application. We can assess all of this for you. Of course, if it is the case that you do need householders' planning consent, we can assist with that.

For a more detailed view of Permitted Development, >please download a PDF from the Planning Portal